raikage and killer bee

I think zoro is faster too, but not that much faster. Sasuke then prepared to use Amaterasu. We’re talking about a best that could tank mountain level blasts. Naruto travels to the island accompanied by Yamato , Gai , Aoba, and a few other Leaf ninjas. Killer Bee used a partial transformation to make the Hachibi’s tentacles to come out of his body and wrap around Kisame and pulled him away from Sabu and Ponta, but touching Kisame was causing his chakra to be drained. Mifune from Soul Eater Joins Team 1. Samehada grew twice as large and it’s revealed to have a mouth with sharp teeth.

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Since that didn’t work, Hachibi wanted Killer Bee to release him but Killer Bee refused, saying that Sabu and Ponta could end up getting killed and anyone nearby would spot him and tell Raikage.

The 4th should as fast as Ay but the 3rd showed better reactions against KCM Naruto, even if he was mind-controlled and an Edo. He tanked the BB with his armor, it’s visible in the scan you posted. Raikage and Killer Bee then attacked Kisame at the same time, decapitating Kisame with a tag-team lariat. Clearing the Course Killer Bee attended the Raikage’s war meeting in the Cloud village but was too killler writing in his notepad to pay attention, unknown to anyone Kisame was spying on the event from within Samehada.

Killer Bee’s best friend however, Motoi, secretly tried to kill him when they were still kids to get rid of the Hachibi once and for all, but failed and ran away in disgrace. Bee gets the same abilities that Kisame got from Samehada except for the shark form.


The 3rd Raikage (Ay) vs Killer Bee, Darui, Cee and the 4th Raikage (A)

Disappearing Ink Killer Bee tried to get Sabu and Ponta out of the water before they drowned, however there didn’t seem to be any end and Kisame was right behind him. Pierpat Follow Forum Posts: OreoAssassin Follow Forum Posts: Suigetsu attacks, but Killer Bee blocks and tosses Suigetsu’s sword, Juugo then tells Suigetsu to fall back and goes in and Killer Bee defeats Juugo using Suigetsu’s sword, and then Sasuke steps in.

However before Kisame died, he fused with Samehada, it covered itself around Kisame’s body, healing him and turned him even more into a shark with all the chakra Samehada absorbed. Here we go again Sasuke then prepared to use Amaterasu.

The 3rd Raikage (Ay) vs Killer Bee, Darui, Cee and the 4th Raikage (A) – Battles – Comic Vine

Helping Hand When Naruto finally get control of the nine tails’ chakra he senses Kisame who was inside Samehada the whole time. WastelandMan Follow Forum Posts: The last one “withstands any jutsu” is obviously hyperbole, though I’m not sure if he tanked the rasenshuriken in base.

Btw, it was never that Amaterasu could put down Bee. OP says canon knowledge and I don’t think the third knew Cee. Bee also possess great stamina, ane him to go for long periods of times without tiring.

This didn’t sit well with Ei and Tsunade, who went to stop the two. Free Style Team Taka encounter the Hachibi Jinchuuriki up in the Unraikyo mountains where he has been training, he emerges from a cave and immediately curses the bright sunlight and then begins rapping and taunting them. Panicking, Naruto used his Harem jutsu to persuade Killer Bee, but it failed. He helps Naruto dodge moves from the fox and even helps contain an explosion.


He’s cut through stone, steel, brick, buildings, galleons, pacifista’s, giant Krakens, kiloer. By using our site, you acknowledge raiksge you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Erza and Zoro vs Raikage and Killer Bee – Battles – Comic Vine

If bee had complete beast form limited Samehada aka Shark’s Skin Samehada: Shaking Roles After the training was nearly finished, Naruto became aware of the war going and got Killer Bee’s support to help their friends. Killer Bee is the new owner of Samehada Shark’s Skina sword that is capable of conscious thought. Bee allows Hachibi to take over and tell Naruto the dangers of using the Kyuubi’s chakra; when drawing upon the Bijuu’s chakra, the Bijuu is also devouring your chakra, so Naruto can’t remain in his transformed state forever; because of this, Naruto also can’t use Shadow Clones in his transformed state since they use so much of Naruto’s chakra.

Naruto pretends his head got eaten by it to scare Yamato. Killer Bee intervened to stop him from hitting Naruto again. Rulerofthevine Follow Forum Posts: Tweet Remove Format Clean. A building and a galleon aren’t hard? He then takes Naruto to a lions head in the wall and says he has to put his head in it.