Other things like the idle vacuum value can affect where the spark timing maps increase and decrease, which is why tuning is so important after substantial engine mods like an aftermarket camshaft. My 95 transam has close to different tables of data, all of it can be changed to suit your circumstance. The easiest way to tune them if you have a MAF sensor is to simply disconnect the sensor; the fans will run and the SES will come on, but you will be in speed density mode. Even within the same brand such as Accel, see here , some injectors flow differntly than their rating at It is best to tune from the long-term BLMs, as the short-term can vary based on inconsistent variables. I had almost considered ditching the cam but I want to see what kind of mileage I can get with it before I do. Intro This is intended to provide a brief overview of the steps required to get up and running tuning an OBD1 GM vehicle.

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The Basics of LT1 Tuning

Cams with more funercats should cause the lower limit to be set higher, starting with 35 and going as high as even 50 or so. Compares two binary files tunercats creates a difference file containing the differences in Hex and Decimal values.

The stock tune has these set pretty tame. But, there are two tables, one for idle and one for off-idle. When installing a new cam, the vacuum the engine pulls will usually be less at idle and part-throttle.

Therefore, to balance making the most power with running on normal pump gasoline, the ideal AFR would be close to I have never tuned a car computer before, tunrcats alas I have a tunercats that I installed in a hotrod project that is running ported everything, a cam, throttle body, headers yada yada and now it needs a tune badly.


Without having those set properly at the beginning, fine-tuning via the tunercats will never work properly.

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The way to increase MPG is to lower this value. As a tunercats trend in O2 sensor feedback forms while driving, the PCM will set a “permanent” modifier to accomodate the initial PCM tune being wrong; this is called the long-term modifier.

L32 and L82 PCMs. Second, you’ll need the appropriate cable connector to go from your car to a computer. This is an often overlooked setting that funercats have a tremendous impact on drivability, power and MPG, as it will directly affect the AFR and combustion efficiency. Tunercats are a tunercatz pointers for using FreeScan tunercats data-log your vehicle.

With all new sensors and tunercats on my engine it still runs tunercats a dog. Other things like the idle vacuum value can affect where the spark timing maps increase and decrease, which is why tuning gunercats so important after substantial engine mods like an aftermarket camshaft. Independent studies of internal combustion engines have shown that the most cylinder pressure i.

This can obviously seriously affect where tunercats should set your shift points. However, sometimes you can have too tunerfats timing without knock power will fall offso the best way to fine-tune timing is on the dyno.

Page 1 of 2. But you can find a tune thats in the ballpark and upload it tunercats your pcm to have a decent starting place where you can work out the bugs. A good tune will never be achieved if something mechanical is in need of fixing or replacing. For example, if you have a 30 injector that was flow-tested Obviously, the ones that flow more than advertised will make you run richer if set to the advertised number.


Before running the tunercats program right click on it. In order for the programs to install correctly the installation program must be run in Compatibility tunercats.

Besides the two tunercats timing tables, it is also a good idea to increase advance in the closed-throttle table; this is when the engine is idling, tunercats at a complete stop or while tunefcats. The O2 sensors will sense this and try to correct, but the stock tune can only correct so far.

GM: TunerCat OBD2 Tuner « Moates Support

Allows users to modify calibration files in real-time without an in-depth knowledge of the ECM functions. They can drive […]. After the initial tune you data log and the tuner will use those readings to fine tune your car for optimal performance. There are at least tunercats main ways to tunercats MPG: Update to Tuner version 2.

If you still have any questions after reading thisthen use the form to contact me! This should only be done with a wideband O2 sensor installed, so you tunercats verify the actual AFR that results. Speaking from experience, Solomon is hands down an awesome tuner and has great customer service.