Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. City without a hero series – Part 3 Released in paperback and a special limited edition hardbound collector’s edition. Raj comics has featured Dhruva in several comics books. He however inherited all he fighting skills from his father and mother even those one which needs to be taught like acupuncture. Anupam Sinha returned with a Dhruva solo title after a four-year hiatus, his last Dhruva solo being Game Over released back in Chandkal have the power of the black magic. It has been revealed in later Nagayan issues that separation was a ploy, to allow the Commander to penetrate her father’s home.

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Degenerated virus expert who puts his knowledge to evils purposes.

This comic was released as a giant issue. Originally Quiz Master Tito who turns bad after he is dumped from his show for his eccentricity. He carries a stick as if to drive away light.

Is the proverbial Yogi mysticalbeit violent, who has amazing psychic powers. Robo brought Marian to Schilder. More recently he can convert his psychic energy into super commando dhruv breakout energies such as sonic energy, electrical energy etc.

A collection of 22 short strips. He entered the world of Crime but took great care not to let Marian know about this.


List of Dhruva comics

Originally he was breakoit gangster called Robert Sheen. Marian super commando dhruv breakout taken a lift in the car. On his left eye, he has a metallic eye, through which he shoots powerful laser beam.

His astral aura maanas rupa is all powerful and he has a mystic sabre khadaga that cuts through all. The series was co-written by Anupam Sinha and Jolly Sinha, and the artwork for the series was handled by a team of various artists led by Anupam Sinha himself.

Dhruva Digest 8 [37]. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Storylines Pratishodh Ki Jwala. Robo bombed the car of that diplomat, only super commando dhruv breakout find an injured Marian, riding with that diplomat inside.

He has a Magic Wand and he has his all power collected in it. Nagayana Series – The Concluding Part [29]. Looks evil through and through. These pages were later published separately titled Mahamanav Ki Gawahi.

Initially distributed as free gift with all online orders placed on 5 October – Free Comic Book Daythe issue was later sold commercially and became one of the bestsellers Raj comic title. In addition to telepathy, he has well developed telekinesis abilities. Carries a Trident with supernatural powers. First part of a two-part story [3].


Super Commando Dhruv List of All Published Comics Till Now

Another doctor Marian Cole was taking care of Sheen because he liked her. Nagayana Series – Part 5 [26].

This table lists all Raj comics titles featuring Dhruva in chronological order. He claims to be the last survivor of demon race on earth and intends to make earth, a world which commahdo be ruled by demons.

The primary publishing language for all Dhruva titles is Hindi however, many of these titles have since been translated and published in English as well.

Super Commando Dhruv List of All Published Comics Till Now

These are special collected editions that collect all the titles of a single story arc or titles whose stories are closely related.

Dhwaniraaj’s power is based on sound frequencies. Retrieved 25 June Arrested by Dhruva and sent to jail. Short and stocky with cocky hair style which make him conspicuous.