In this mode, AudioScreen represents the image under your finger or the mouse as multiple tones that vary in pitch, volume and stereo position. Speech History Posted Wed May 17 For example, placing one finger at the top left of a large image, and one fingr at the bottom right, audioScreen will sweep over the entire image. Stable addons Addons under development Community announcements Translation status. This brings up a settings dialog which allows you to change multiple options for audioScreen. BrowserNav Posted Mon Feb 25 After the add-on is installed, NVDA will ask to be restarted.

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Dual Voice Posted Wed Feb 18 Although the vOICe software is more passive in the sence that it scans from left to right across an entire image, I could see many possibilities of using this image-to-sound mapping concept in a more active way, with the help of a touch screen.

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ObjPad Posted Tue Sep 27 BrowserNav Posted Mon Feb 25 If your finger crosses a vertical line as you move across the screen from left to right, you will hear the line move across your finger from right to left.

Now move your finger or mouse around the screen and start listening to the image under your finger. A member of the community will then review your add-on, and if it passes basic review nvsa as license and usability, your add-on will be made available on this website. When moving with your finger or the mouse, this is literally how tall the captured image is.


Golden Cursor Posted Sun Jan 17 nvea Clone the AudioScreen repository with the command: While NVDA is running with this add-on installed, open an interesting image in full-screen For example, use Internet Explorer to display one of the example svg files, making sure to maximize it and put it in full-screen with f Developer Toolkit Posted Mon May 20 NVDA add-ons are additional packages that can be downloaded and installed into your copy of NVDA to enhance existing functionality or add additional features.

The height in pixels of the area under your finger or the mouse captured to detect the color. Character Information Posted Fri Apr 26 In this mode, AudioScreen will convey the color specifically hue, saturation and brightness of the image under your finger.

nvda addons

BluetoothAudio Posted Sat Nov 10 Search for Change Touch Input setting in the start screen, and nnvda that dialog uncheck Show visual feedback when touching the screen.

Audio Screen can be seen as an experimental alternative way for blind people to view basic images such as diagrams and maps when no other tactile format is available.

Very useful when playing an image where the foreground objects are darker than the background. You can tell when your finger or mouse moves over a line, both horizontally and vertically.

This option allows you to reverse the brightness of the image, so that rather than light being loud and dark being quiet, dark will be loud and light will be quiet. AudioChart Posted Sat Nov 10 Tone Master Posted Mon Jul 18 This toggles between Pitch stereo grey, HSV color, and off.


A mapping such as the vOICe I believe certainly gets extremely close to achieving this. This software could take images or video from a webcam, and play it to a blind person as audio, making use of pitch, volume and stereo panning.

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The frequency in HZ that represents blue. Calibre Posted Thu Nov 1 Add-ons documentation Posted Fri May 10 TextNav Posted Sat Nov 10 As the color spectrum raps around from blue back to red through purple, purples are represented by both the low blue frequency and high red frequency at differing volume ratios.

If a touch screen is not available, the mouse can be moved instead, though this is some what less accurate for the user as mouse movement is relative. When the color is its most vivid full saturation there is no random noise axdons the spectrum tone can be completely heard.

Although tactile formats are certainly very useful when they are available, they do have particular drawbacks, such as:.

nvda addons