Thursday, 14 November Admin Assistant 4. Nuke mobileserver V4 [Ban bot]. SkuLL Super Bot v1. Freebuzz auto bot Oct As android operating system is based on linux, you can use your android phone as a server to run python based bots. It is a python based bot. Father of Bots Aliā€¦ on Father of Bots.

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Posted in Latest softwareNinbuzz bot collection 1 Comment Tags: But how is it? Display current room users to apply commands to them. Jar, ok – Option, add, enter the folder X, options, mark all, forward, save, difolder other select option, select current, after the close danexit – File buatanmu was ready to stay km installed. Click here TO Download. Give membership or moderator power to the two Nimbuzz ids that you decided to use as bots in your Nimbuzz chat room.

Download From My Server.

Hello There!: Welcome Bot For Nimbuzz Download

Added command to display current room users and to apply command to them by their number Example: Posted in Dodgerturn soft collectionLatest software himbuzz, Ninbuzz bot collection. Make sure you fill your user profile before adding the bot, otherwise it will block you.


Add that Mobile server bot id to your contact list same as you add one friend. Newer Post Older Post Home. Pardeep Kumar on Father of Bots. Login from one of the two Nimbuzz ids you created for making bot. Sniper Ban Bot v1.

Nimbuzz Chat Room Bot for PC

Edit class BombusMod – Open classEditor app, select the folder and then edit go. Im nimuzz to show you how to make an easy Web Browser in Visual Basic 6 Basically what you will need is: Adding a mobile server bot to Nimbuzz chat room is not a big deal!

You can customize your own like put images and change the text, font For H3 sb Welcome! You need to configure bot setting. Create two Ror ids for making your chat room bot. Aurora Bot Download Now! Ids unblocker and checker by me new Thursday, 14 November Admin Assistant 4.


Nuke Ban Bot v1 [beta]. If it shows like below, It means your phone is rooted properly. Replaced safety messages with safety timer 10 seconds.


Blog Archives King Bot Jan 7. Enter into your chat room in which you are admin or owner.

Maximum allowed times of repeating similar message. Working online mobile server bot list. Teambuzz Multi Room Fuller v2. If all things nimuzz clear the bot will show Done! Coding of Blacksmith bot is for Russian and English Language. Posted in Dodgerturn soft collectionLatest softwareNinbuzz bot collection Leave a comment Tags: