LogonUI Boot Randomizer is a tool that not only helps users change these two OS elements, but it also adds something new, as it can automatically choose a random logon or boot screen from a location on your computer. LogonUI Boot Randomizer 3. It’s very risky to manually remove entries in registry. Those who still use the old Windows XP are well aware that its looks are far from being as attractive as the latest releases and many try to make the operating system a bit more good looking and among the first things many try to change are the logon and the boot screens. You have strange problems when using the program? Program always remember the position of progress bar.

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Every time you’ll reboot the computer, you’ll see one logon and one boot screen from the folder you have created.

LogonUI Boot Randomizer Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit/32 bit) | QP Download

Noot will include the new screen automatically. Click to load comments. If you don’t have it, you can find it everywhere in the net or here. Program when find that you have install a SP, will prompt you to auto setup for use boot screens with safety. IT Qualora si ritenga che contenuti pubblicati possano violare copyright, contattateci logonui boot randomizer la verifica ed eventuale loro rimozione. Program can automatically detect the type of screen and extract it to the right folder with out user input.


This version has a lot of message boxes in many areas of the program.

Download this version it’s, lets say, a debug version: Inizialmente i programma crea tre copie del nostro Boot. The application works very smoothly and it’s quite easy to use, but keep in mind that it’s always recommended to perform a backup beforehand, just to make sure your operating system doesn’t break down after the first restart. Right-click in logonui boot randomizer screen’s bottom-left corner and click Control Panel from the pop-up menu.

A logon and boot screens manager for Windows XP. After downloading a screen the zip filejust put it in any subfolder under the base folder.

LogonUI Boot Randomizer

Copyright – P. Some possible problems that people randomizee into: Must be ok now. Bug fixes Read the full changelog. Therefore, completely uninstalling a program will not be that difficult for you any more.

LogonUI Boot Randomizer

What it does – Features. Create a folder on your computer rqndomizer place all the logons and the boot screens in there and configure LogonUI Boot Randomizer to use this folder. Program it will excluded automatically.


Extract it somewhere and send me an e-mail, saying after what message you see a run time error. La Community di SWZone. Some possible problems that people run into:. Full support for SP1 and SP2 I mean that you can use any version for boot screen and program will make it compatible with your system. You have strange problems when logonuo the program? Full support for zip files. Now, under logonui boot randomizer boott you can put the zip files you download and nothing more. I will logonui boot randomizer it and send you a reply.

After downloading a screen the zip filerwndomizer put it in any subfolder under the base folder. After the run time error, see what picture make the problem and remove it. If you do not have sufficient computer skills, please try the automatic uninstall method. In order to randomize there is NO need to load the program to tray or something like that.

If not, there is a feature that you can browse and see all the bitmaps in the file.