Improved the model generation having flank modifications. Heat Treatment of Steel Gears July 15, That lead the whole body of the gear to contribute to torsional stiffness, which was wrong. Case depth value according ISO corrected – Error message added, if root form diameter dFf was taken out of the tooth form AND if profile modifications where used starting at root form diameter. In such a case, it is not possible to get dFf from tooth form! Bearing3Calculations and Bearing4Calculations tables: The key to a proper fit for keyways.

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Sintered Materials Available in KISSsoft

Default for tooth form operation ‘Modification for wire erosion’ was wrong – Bug fix: You need also to replace z Data was not taken from option when selecting the kisssoft 2011 item – Tooth form calculation: Clearance was not documented in the main report when it was given as own input.

For the tip diameter tolerances, kisssoft 2011 flag if the tolerances were introduced by own input or by a tolerance class as h7 was not stored in data stored prior to kisssoft 2011 patch. In release negative values will be correctly treated.

IDs of graphics are displayed in the properties, ready for use in the report templates – Bug fix: Results for classically calculated bearings with clearance AND offset, or with offset in both Kisssoft 2011 and Z- direction were wrong. Thank You for Your Loyalty! In the Overview-Report you will find an additional table with the Transverse contact ratio – Bug fix: Error messages ‘Woehler line’ corrected when only geometry was activated – Fine sizing: Rotation of worm gear and bevel gear pair is improved – NX: Tab Operating backlash was not opened in old files automatically – Bug fix: Negative values are not considered anymore.


The Improvement in Patch F Diameter, where undercut starts is calculated caused sometimes problems with dNf. Since the associated error cannot be fixed for the classical calculation because of the calculation’s assumptionsa descriptive message that the calculation method must be changed to inner geometry is issued, and the calculation is stopped. Shafts that are supported on rigid bearings with kisssoft 2011 have certain particularities, and are not guaranteed to give out correct results.

Wrong helix angle direction at 3D-View of stress distribution of gear B – Bug fix: Both cases are now fixed. All contacts can be displayed simultaneously, either across three teeth or over a single tooth, showing how the system reacts and to compare the results of the calculation and the test outcomes.

KISSsoft – Calculation programs for machine design

Tip alteration and reference profile own input handling was wrong in patch 3, when data sets form version and kissdoft were loaded in some cases tip diameter da was changed sligthly. In some cases the load spectrum calculation did not convergence, even though the individual load steps worked fine.


Fixed normal load calculation deformation normal to tooth form is kisssoft 2011 considered – Contact analysis: The modification diagram doesn’t show the modification curves for Calculation B. The Campbell diagram can now be generated when bearings are calculated with the inner geometry method.

Convergence problems in cases of classically calculated bearings with clearance fixed. The results were NOT affected. However, we suggest the user performs one of the following steps to verify that the results are reliable.

Current Patch for the KISSsoft calculation program

The calculation of operating bearing clearance inner geometry ignored the inner contour of the shaft bore. Cylindrical gear was always with helix right not left – ProEngineer: Shaft Calculation and the Shaft Editor.

Calculating kisssoft 2011 distribution between planets is unique for planet gears with more than three planets. This process runs a complete contact analysis for every variant, and also has the option of using different loads.

The information, that the Explorer is not to be used, is stored automatically – If you want to reopen the Explorer, you can do this any kisssoft by activating it in the “view”-menu. Tim Bryd June 11,