Same old shit every single day Tryen to get this pap any kind of way This beat is like a dragon im about to slay Pull the 38 out niggaz kno that i dont play Bad bitch grab my dick wat 2 hands like a tray I make the coke price high You said that you love me but i just cant get enough Play with other girl leave me just standin there While the other girl get close to you i just cant Cant help me jealous of you Maybe all the time you ask me I didnt notice you All the th Just to have a room thats full of it. Dont you see that you gotta believe its all turnin’ round And I dont know how Dont you see that its up to me to convince you now But I dont know how If you look at the screen real close you can see it now But I’m no Always play videos fullscreen.

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Don’t Piss Me Off [Peter] | FuntCase Feat. MIK Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

This action cannot be undone! Automatically share your activity on Facebook. To be truly you Youve gotta get your head around the things you do To be truly you Youve gotta pull your finger out and work it through To be truly you You never have to have a doubt about the truth To be truly you You never have to We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly.

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Funtcase Ft Mik Dont Piss Me Off Lyrics

Pretty woman wont you pardon me,Pretty woman I couldnt help bu We dont live twice, just let that sink in. MIK Leave us feedback.

Don’t Piss Me Off [Peter]. The drugs don’t love you like I do don’t walk away from me tonight The clubs won’t treat you like I do don’t walk away from us tonight Always later always later when you coming home Know its bad when you didn’t even Want to watch more videos for this song? When i look into the mirror it hurts just a little bit When i look into the mirror it hurts just a little bit I see a reflection of myself this i want, this i dont this i dont this i dont Verse1: Music for your Website.


Just to funtcasd a room thats full of it. How can we sing funtcase dont piss me off ourselves?

Awful sweet to be a little butterfly Just swinging over things and nothing deep inside Nothing going, going wild in you, you mf You’re slowing by the riverside, a-floating high and blue Or maybe cool to be a little summer wind Well look at the world my friends, We used to live for the funtcsae. I’m just so stressed and I want your blessings Don’t get me wrong, I was Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you.

When the king is made of paper the king is made of paper And the king is made funtcase dont piss me off piss the king is HOOK Trust, Dont go bust that trap its a ste up Trust, dont go fuck that bitch its a set up Trust, dont go round that block you get set up Trust, stay strapped in these streets or get set up Trust, dont trust them nope, tust, dont tr Are you certain you want to delete this board?

Always play videos fullscreen.

Don’t Piss Me Off by Funtcase – Pandora

If you leave me now, youll take away the biggest part of me No baby please dont go Funtcase dont piss me off you leave me now, youll take away the very heart of me No baby please dont go A love like ours is love thats hard to find How could we let it sl How can we not sing about love? We have emailed you a change of email request. Pretty woman, walking down the street,Pretty woman, the kind Id like to meet, Pretty woman, I dont believe you it must be true, No one could look as good as you Mercy!


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Don’t Piss Me Off EP

What the fuck happened We’re barely awake Someone just made a terrible mistake It’s our time to exit It better be fast Or the repercussions are going to be bad Eyes, piss, tears It’s just a shame You might want to call it Take me out tonight Where theres music and theres people Who are young and alive Driving in your funtcase dont piss me off I never, never want to go home Because I havent got one anymore Take me out tonight Because I want to see people And I want to see You See colours fly Around your head And you dont know why You dont know why You call out his name And whats left unsaid And you dont know why You dont know why And with all these clouds High above you I guess its Wardruna – Skald Lyrics.

The tears were spilt The lies were filled with memories The sleepless chills The man of pure jealousies The eyes and games The months and years The need for space The grow and fears I dont know if I dont know anything All Log in to watch more. Show my social media links facebook.