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fsuipc 3.99

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Posted June 25, October 1st 17 KB. I had been searching for a link to Peter’s WideFS following a request, and I had some trouble finding the newest postable version of his software. December 24th 7 KB released Jan 2nd Note: Here are my problems Documentation about FS98’s keyboard and joystick control inputs.

Key press programming facilities: Gsuipc is an add-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator X which provides an interface for other programs to read and write all sorts of pertinent data relating to the simulation, and in many ways even to control the actual process itself. First download and install the fsulpc version and check functionality!

fsuipc 3.99

Only a major revision number prior to the decimal would be a new fee for registration. November 08, Peter Dowson’s Support Forum [ Please use this to contact Peter] I had been searching for a link to Peter’s WideFS following a request, and I had some trouble finding the newest postable version of his software.


The demo version is the product installation file; there is no other download! With this tool available, I cannot imagine why anyone would use the axis, button and key settings in the P3D or FSX menus. It makes assigning functions of your aicraft so much more flexible then the default userinterface, I’m amazed by what I can do, all for sudden.

DLL Why check for new versions yourself when it can be done for you? Classified, Want, Swap Ads. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. FS controls can be sent with fixed parameter, for use in setting specific analogue values. We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal.

FSMine – Software

Hard to say what happened. Here are only the latest versions, please do not contact Peter about problems with older versions, thank you.

fsuipc 3.99

It will save flights “STN” files at regular intervals, so you can retry that crashed landing or quickly recover from other problems. Direct axis assignments Facilities for asignment of any Windows API not DirectInput joystick axis to 39.9 FS axis control, or sequences of other controls dependent upon axis range and direction of change.


Com Developer’s Award Avsim. For user Registrations use the links here: Then FSX came along and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it again and found other brute force methods to accomplish things.

November 25th 21 KB EpicLink 1. This seems to be very useful still, as none of the default aircraft, at least, yet have true APU simulation nor external power connections.

You can assign Flaps and Spoilers detents, independent engine lever settings fsupic making use of assymetic thrust possible and you also have the possibility to assign auto save in regular intervals. Results 1 to 10 of You’re agonizing over some of the best money you can sink into FSX.

FSMetar and weather problems

I don’t know what else to do short of complete reinstall of FS9. Is it free to update to the 3.

Customers who bought this product also purchased. Quite literally a game-changer.