Templates can now now not set the built in compiler settings anymore when creating a project. The parser now processes preprocessor lines too. Fixed an undo bug in Duplicate Line functionality. When only changing case during a Rename, the input file will not be deleted anymore. The Remove Unit Form is resizable again.

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This significantly speeds up editor switching and project opening. Instructions can be found here. Project unit information in. The latest tested compilers can be downloaded here. Lastly, the source code can be found here 1MB. The code completion dev c++ 5.8.3 does not show anymore when the cursor changes during the timer rundown after typing. More bugs that I forgot dve or are not important enough to mention.

Again, thank you for clicking the report button! Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Updated blog URL in English.

Opening braces after a ‘default’ keyword are now completed correctly.


Dev-C++ Blog: Dev-C++ released

Added a “View Makefile” button to the Execute menu. Fixed a crash in the project saving code that happened due to opening a file twice at the same time.

Added an icon and def company name information to the uninstaller in the Programs and Features list.

All windows are now opened at the centre of the main window instead of at random places across random monitors. This prevents the “CreateProcess rm. Compile log now mentions the output filename under Compilation Results.

DEV-C++ 5.8.2 Download Mirrors

Added an option to directly add a file to a folder in the project tree. Updated provided commit command. Time for some fixes for the 5. Updated Japanese language files.

Refactored symbol completion code. Updated Chinese Traditional and Simplified translations. Fixed a bug in the first time config window that caused a crash when no dev c++ 5.8.3 were installed.

Older versions are not forward compatible.

Orwell Dev-C++

Makefiles are now highlighted as dev c++ 5.8.3 they are source files. When compiling, header files are now treated separately from other files. Improved code completion and formatting for function pointers. Increased performance of the GDB interface.


Added a close button to the context menu of the project root. Fixed a formatting error when printing structs inside struct in the Debug watch variable tree.

Specific symbol completion options are now greyed out when the global option is disabled in Editor Options. Here’s the big sort of late new years’ update.

Code completion now also works on modified files. Users can now input a correspondence e-mail into the crash reporter message. When only changing case during a Rename, the input file will not be deleted anymore.