I have had the least amount of issues with it on the Geforce 1 through 4 line. Yes, my password is: Is it me or is my graphics driver TOO good? This site hosts no abandonware. You can find those old drivers here:

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I do already have DirectX 9. Return to General Old Hardware. That one is well past that cards life cycle.

NVidia Detonator WHQL Drivers — Icrontic

As far as the Geforce 3 even goes, that card was a little long in the tooth from mid on, so I wouldn’t use it for anything past 2k3. This site hosts no abandonware. No, create an account now. I will be testing them as part of this project, viewtopic. I don’t believe in trying to force some end all solution using one hardware platform and multiple drivers on it for diff games from all the way to Are you still looking for more drivers?

My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more On the whole It’s because KotOR is so much older than the driver and hardware, that you’re detonator treiber version 45.23 this message.


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Graphics Problem

Users browsing this forum: I detonator treiber version 45.23 also mention that when I performed a check earlier it worked fine and said all requirements were met. If you still miss a particular one, just post which – I’ll try to help.

If I go into configure and click Check Hardware it says my driver isn’t good enough that it requires Detonator It was a known driver bug and Nvidia recommended loading an old driver. You can find those old drivers here: Have just rediscovered some reviewer’s kits from the past which also have drivers attached. I only run games released during the actual hardwares life cycle, not past it.

VOGONS • View topic – old nVidia detonator drivers (TNT and newer)

I’m actually going to try a couple more compatibility mode combos and see if they work. They are most likely to be optimal for the game. Last edited by noshutdown on Any idea why the video detnoator it says I have is totally wrong?

I didn’t realise nVidia had an FTP site. I think I’ve got a few 45.2 of them flying around somewhere. If that doesn’t work, you may have no choice but to follow this guide. I have had the least amount of issues with it on the Geforce 1 through 4 line. If you see anything you want from the list, let me know. So I can start the game, go into it and play for a short time but it will eventually kick me out of the game.


Attached is the readout I get when I tell it to check hardware then view the details. Is it me or detonator treiber version 45.23 my graphics driver TOO good? You do not have the setonator permissions to view the files attached detonator treiber version 45.23 treiner post.

MimsyFeb 28, Do you have a link for the 8. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.