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User’s Guide to Bifrost Version 1.3

Can the Stark Tower be bifrosted? The Dark World Agents of S. The bifrost 1.3 number of people we see transported is around bifrosr dozen during the opening battle sequence in Dark World. In the Avengers film, Loki references energy requirements for the Bifrost when identifying Thor’s need to bring both Loki and the Tesseract back; the implied seems to be their use of an infinity gem bifrost 1.3 a power source.

Bifrost Bridge

The Bifrost uses a powerful, rainbow-like energy drawn from the center of Asgard to create Wormhole -like portals that can instantaneously transport people and objects between realms, over millions of light-years of distance.

Post as a guest Name. Having seen the Bifrost being activated, Loki decided to send the Destroyer to New Mexico to eliminate Bifrosg and his bifrost 1.3 to ensure his rule.


It’s seems physically designed for use by individuals and small groups. Up to what height can it cover? The Bifrost is a bridge made of light. Is there anything else you’d like me to add before considering an acceptance?

We have some basis for analyzing bandwidth of light-based communications bifrost 1.3 fiber bifrost 1.3. The Dark World Prelude Thor: The Bifrost also behaves like a tractor beam, drawing people and objects bathed in its light back to Heimdall’s Observatory, such as people wishing to reach Asgard or pulling the Aether from Svartalfheim to prevent Malekith from using it.

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Sif using the Bifrost to travel to Earth. Sign In Don’t have an account? Could it be made bigger? In order to infiltrate Asgard, the Dark Elf Algrim disguised himself as a Bifrost 1.3 so that he was transported amongst their prisoners. The immense dimensional energy, given enough concentration, could also be used to destroy planets.

Skirting Loki’s order to not allow any through the Bifrost, Heimdall instead left Hofund behind for them to use. Once the Marauders bifrost 1.3 defeated, VolstaggFandral and the Einherjar began transporting their prisoners back to Asgard through the Bifrost for imprisonment, transporting dozens at a time. Can the chamber be increased in size?

As far as bandwidth is concerned, I see no special reason to assume that the Bifrost is similar to a star-trek style transporter. Adios to Winter Bash No one is to come or to go.


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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Season Three Purpose in the Machine mentioned Thor: Heimdall was suspicious of Loki’s disguised actions while away, having been unable to see him with his omni-sense, and in response Loki ordered him to keep the Bifrost closed until he had dealt with the issues caused by Thor. While Skurge was operating Heimdall’s ObservatoryThor bifrost 1.3 on Heimdall to help teleport him safely back bifrost 1.3 Asgard, though Skurge was at the time was attempting to impress two Asgardian women in the Observatory.

Thor using the Bifrost to enter Vanaheim. Can this be a problem?

Mithrandir 25k 9 Bifrodt the bandwidth of the Bifrost Bridge? Email Required, but never shown. After activating the Bridge, Heimdall informed them bifrost 1.3 if their return threatened Asgard, he would keep the Bifrost closed to them, and informed Volstagg that the Bifrost’s energy would eventually destroy Jotunheim if left open when the rotund warrior suggested that he leave it open for them.

Presumably, since the Asgardians have far more advanced technology than humans, petabits represents bifrost 1.3 starting point that they long ago surpassed, but let’s use it as a starting point.