Is this an update or what? I’m confused as well. You must log in or sign up to reply here. You can adjust the tempo manually, but you can’t set it to something like 90 BPM, etc. What’s the point if you didnt write it. Adagio is the deep sampled solo violin.

8dio studio solo violin

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Already have an account? Starise Max Output Level: But one day hopefully. I can go for weeks or months not spending a dime! Oh please tell me this was played in.

Adagio is the deep sampled solo violin. Maybe somebody on this forum can confirm what the truth is? I’m sure there are workarounds that will work fine, but not sudio able to set a tempo was a dealbreaker for me. Fleer Is this an update or what?

Dell Inspiron, Intel Core i, 3. The library has time-stretching and time-compression controls on the modwheel, so you can fully adapt the phrases to your tempo.


8Dio updates Studio Solo Violin | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum

Studio One 3, Sonar Platinum 64 bit. Completely turned me off of it. One went on at length about what was involved in using it: Not that I’m aware of Fleer! Forums Posts Latest Posts. There is no way to sync it except by trial and error?

8dio studio solo violin

What this is extremely good for is if you need certain solo string scratches and effects or very fast runs with a human touch and so on. Its phrases with basic multisamples. Seems like a pretty bad downside, can this be true? The Solo Violin Designer does not have tempo sync but it does have tempo control, allowing you to easily change the tempo of the phrase without effecting the pitch. View More Photo Galleries. You can adjust the tempo studlo, but you can’t set it to something like 90 BPM, etc.

8dio studio solo violin

Ignore Threads by Nobita. I can confirm that it doesn’t lock to DAW tempo. Control and two composers confirmed that this was true. I’m confused as well. Is this an update or what? If it does sync to a DAW why does 8Dio Customer service say the opposite and why do two users say that it doesn’t? SimonCharlesHannaFeb 23, So no updated version?


8DIO releases Studio Solo Violin for Kontakt

Fleer Max Output Level: EdFeb 23, Dont quote me on this but im pretty sure that library is a ‘phrases’ library. Essentials Only Full Version. The ‘legato’, developing vibrato and trills are stellar – IF – they are played in.